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Green in Gucci: Tamara Ecclestone vs Kim Kardashian

  By   Nov 15th 2012 at 12:02PM Style RATED
What's Hot: Kim Kardashian What's Not: Tamara Ecclestone
Wow Factor: For all that Kim K lacks in talent, she makes up in the image she projects. Unapologetic about her ways and happy to flaunt her ample ass-ets, if there’s one thing Kim gets right, it’s her body type. Playing up her strengths at the Midori makeover party, the Gucci wrap dress accentuates the smallest part of her body, while cleverly skimming her heavier bottom. The shorter hemline allows for some peek-a-boo of Kim’s shapely legs and the emerald green works very well for the Armenian beauty’s skin tone.


Image via Miss Belle64 (pinterest)


Ouch Factor: While we believe a longer hemline is always more forgiving, such was not the case with Tamara’s version of the Gucci wrap at the recent Skyfall premiere. The buxom gal left little to the imagination, and failed to adhere to a primary fashion rule—when doing sexy, play up any ‘one’ aspect. The mile-long side slit looked forced and also altered the fall of the dress, making Tamara look bottom heavy. We also think that accessorising emerald green with black did not let her play up the dress to full potential. Try gold next time Tamara.


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