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luxpresso - 10/21/2016 06:00:00

25 Years in Style: The Hermès’s Cape Cod

Hermès Cape Cod Celebrates its 25th Anniversary with a Host of New Watches The Hermès Cape Cod watch has adorned the wrists of celebrities such as Jennifer Connelly and Gwyneth Paltrow, and celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. And to celebrate this, the French luxury brand has introduced a new campaign along with five revised versions of the timepiece. These new... Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 07/11/2016 16:26:40

Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Charity as Frederique Constant’s Charity Brand Ambassador

Gwyneth Paltrow Talks Charity as Frederique Constant’s Charity Brand Ambassador Luxury watchmaker Frederique Constant, last Baselworld, appointed actress Gwyneth Paltrow as its new global charity brand ambassador. Both Gwyneth Paltrow and Frederique Constant are staunch believers of charity; which is one reason that brought them together to launch an international charity... Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 05/06/2014 11:44:35

Adele, Gwyneth and Cara Design Fendi Bags

Adele, Gwyneth and Cara Design Peekaboo Fendi Bags Italian fashion house Fendi launched its New Bond Street store, and to celebrate this endeavour, the brand got the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Adele to design bags. And if this isn't enough to convince you to swipe your card, remember, that proceeds from the sale of this collection will go to a... Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 09/16/2013 14:36:43

Collab Alert: Stella & Gwyneth's Goop Capsule Collection

Collab Alert: Stella McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Presents Capsule Collection By August end, Gywneth Paltrow’s Goop was spotted flashing a banner alert for the brand’s collaboration with Stella McCartney. Well, 15 short days later, we get a first dekko of the collection at a garden party Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 06/11/2013 13:25:30

Beyonce’s £9000 Gift Arrives at Kim K’s Baby Shower

Beyonce’s £9000 Gift Arrives at Kim K’s Baby Shower She may have been too busy touring to turn up at Kim Kardashian’s baby shower, but Beyonce sure as hell made up for it by sending a glamorous goodie for Kimye’s to-be-baby girl Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 03/06/2012 12:30:00

Yummy Mummies Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow Plan Yoga Break in Tuscany

Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow to Take Yoga Break in Tuscany Singer Beyonce Knowles and actress-singer Gwyneth Paltrow are reportedly planning to take a yoga-based break with their children. For a luxury yoga-based break, find out where in Tuscany have the two friends have hired a villa Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 02/09/2012 14:33:30

Victoria Beckham’s Designs In-Demand for Oscars

victorias designs in demand for oscars 2012 The race for the golden statue is on, and the style stakes have gone up too. Three Hollywood leading ladies have requested gowns from Victoria Beckham. In fact, the new mother has recieved numerous requests for outfits for the Oscars and she turned down a lot of them. Here are some beauties Mrs... Continue Reading »


luxpresso - 04/28/2011 12:00:00

Gwyneth Paltrow is the New Face of Coach

Gwyneth Paltrow is the New Face of Coach Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow will soon be seen posing with bags. She is the new face of Coach Inc, maker of luxury handbags in New York Continue Reading »