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Kristen Stewart Declared as the New Face for Chanel Beauty

By   ON Feb 4th 2016 at 4:44PM IN Rated   Style 

After appearing in many of the brands ad campaign,s and sporting their custom-made couture pieces, Twilight actress Kristen Stewart is all set to feature in a new role for Chanel.  ...   Continue Reading »

Sephora Store Makes a Stop in Mumbai

By   ON Jan 29th 2016 at 7:13PM IN Rated   Style 

Bringing the beauty treasure of France to the world, Sephora has grown to become a make up addicts favourite spot since 1970. After successful stints in Delhi and Pune, the French brand has finally made its way to Mumbai shores.  ...   Continue Reading »

Christian Louboutin Unveils Hawaii-Inspired Nail Paints for Summer

By   ON Jan 29th 2016 at 4:05PM IN Rated   Style 

This summer brings a colourful treat from Christian Louboutin as the designer presents a brand new collection of lustrous nail paints the Hawaii Kawai.  ...   Continue Reading »

Make Up Review: Chanel’s L.A. Sunrise Spring 2016 Collection

By   ON Jan 29th 2016 at 3:57PM IN Rated   Style 

Adding a touch of Hollywood to your vanity this spring season is Chanels brand new make up collection. With vibrant shades for the perfect pout and peepers, the L.A. Sunrise range from the brand is certainly our favourite thus far.  ...   Continue Reading »

For Your Eyes Only: Lancôme’s Hypnôse Volume-à-Porter Mascara

By   ON Jan 19th 2016 at 2:53PM IN Rated   Style 

Since inception, Lancme has been an expert in creating stunning peepers; in fact, it even launched the first ever bottled mascara. Now, the brand offers a delightful facelift to the mascara with the new Hypnse Volume--Porter.  ...   Continue Reading »

Giorgio Armani Unveils the New Sheer Glow Foundation

By   ON Jan 14th 2016 at 3:01PM IN Rated   Style 

Just in time for spring summer, Giorgio Armani introduces the perfect product for a gorgeous sun-kissed glowthe Invisible Glow Revolution.  ...   Continue Reading »

Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Lip Colour Gets an Indian Touch

By   ON Jan 12th 2016 at 5:29PM IN Rated   Style 

Bobbi Brown has drawn inspiration from various countries and their eclectic hues to create its fresh new linethe Luxe Lip Color lipstick. One of the rich shades pays an exotic tribute to Indian culture. Well tell you more about it.  ...   Continue Reading »

Clinique Introduces Easy Contouring with the Hello Cheekbones Range

By   ON Jan 8th 2016 at 3:52PM IN Rated   Style 

That internationally renowned make up artists swear by the benefits of contouring is no news. And to help you achieve that picture perfect look, Clinique has presented the Hello Cheekbones collection.  ...   Continue Reading »

Clinique’s Pop Colour Lipsticks—Flaunt the Perfect Pout All-Day Long

By   ON Jan 4th 2016 at 1:43PM IN Rated   Style 

Add a dash of colour to ease your workload at the start of 2016. Clinique presents a range of lip liners and lipsticks in pop shades, with a hint of primer, for the perfect pout all day long.  ...   Continue Reading »

Where to Spend It: Perfect Pout for Christmas

By   ON Dec 16th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Style 

Nothing better than a burst of colour on the lips to brighten up a face, especially during the festive season. To be camera-ready on Christmas and New Year, we list a few perfect lipsticks.  ...   Continue Reading »

Tom Ford Presents New Shades in the Lips and Boys Collection

By   ON Dec 15th 2015 at 12:34PM IN Rated   Style 

Last year, Tom Ford took the beauty world by storm by offering delectable lipstick shades inspired by men. This year the Lips and Boys collection has a whole new set of colours.  ...   Continue Reading »

Your Daily Skincare Staple: Avène Micellar Lotion

By   ON Dec 10th 2015 at 2:59PM IN Rated   Style 

Your make up comprises most of your daily staples, but it is essential that you carry a potent cleanser along with your lipstick and sunscreen. Avne presents the Micellar lotion for sensitive skin, which is a must-have for all cosmetic junkies.  ...   Continue Reading »

Lancôme’s Delectable Shades of L’Absolu Rouge Définition Lipstick

By   ON Nov 24th 2015 at 3:31PM IN Rated   Style 

Lancme colours have been a make up junkies delight. From the le Rouge Absolu lipstick created in 1990 to LAbsolu Rouge in 2008, the brand seems to have evolved in terms of shades and quality. This season, Lancme presents LAbsolu Rouge Dfinition with a whole new palette.  ...   Continue Reading »

Clinique’s Trousseau Service for Brides-To-Be

By   ON Nov 23rd 2015 at 4:53PM IN Rated   Style 

To look radiant on the most important day of your life, Clinique offers a special trousseau service that takes care of all your beauty and make up needs for the occasion.  ...   Continue Reading »

Bobbi Brown’s New Products Blend Skin Care with Make Up

By   ON Nov 18th 2015 at 1:08PM IN Rated   Style 

Bobbi Brown believes that make up should be simple, real and approachable. Keeping in line with the same philosophy, the brand introduces two new skincare cosmetics - Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 and Intensive Skin Serum Corrector & Concealer.  ...   Continue Reading »

Chanel Spells Holiday with Rouge Noir Absolument

By   ON Nov 16th 2015 at 4:16PM IN Rated   Style 

Just when we thought that Chanel had the finest shades in the previous season, it is back to surprise us with a brand new holiday make up collection for 2015 - Rouge Noir Absolument.  ...   Continue Reading »

Where to Spend It: Festive Eye Make Up

By   ON Nov 3rd 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Style 

Festive season is the time to create memories of a lifetime with videos and pictures. And it is important that you look your glamorous best when the flash goes on, so we suggest a few must-haves for your eyes.  ...   Continue Reading »

Ariana Grande Inspires MAC’s New Shades

By   ON Oct 29th 2015 at 3:47PM IN Rated   Style 

Ariana Grande has taken over the pop industry by storm, and now she is replacing Miley Cyrus as the new spokesperson for MACs Viva Glam collection.  ...   Continue Reading »

Make Up Review: Chanel Autumn 2015 Collection

By   ON Oct 20th 2015 at 1:11PM IN Rated   Style 

Just in time for the festive season, Chanel introduces a range of autumn shades with a shiny twist. From warm reds and golden to ash greys and silver, the Les Automnales collection is inspired by the soft, muted hues of fall such as a dry leaf, an old oak tree and light rays of the sun. We reviewed a few pieces of the lot and were more than happy to tell you what we think.  ...   Continue Reading »

Recreating Spring's Resplendent Beauty with House of Dior

By   ON Oct 15th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Style 

For the ones who were spellbound at Diors superfluously grand installation at the Paris Fashion Week, heres something to add to your admiration. The looks created by the brands Creative Director for Make Up, Peter Philips proved that grooming and apparels both play an important role in achieving that perfect look, which the designers have dreamt of.  ...   Continue Reading »

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