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Perfume Review: Dior’s Homme Intense

Perfume Review: Dior’s Homme Intense


For those who aren't in the know, prestige and...

Who Wore What: An Haute Couture Extravaganza at the MET Gala 2016

Who Wore What: An Haute Couture Extravaganza at the MET Gala 2016


Celebrating the long association between cutting edge...

Beat The Heat With These Refreshing Luxurious Aromas

Beat The Heat With These Refreshing Luxurious Aromas


Rising temperatures call for a refreshing bouquet of scents...

Glow Through Summer with Luxpresso's Beauty Picks

Glow Through Summer with Luxpresso's Beauty Picks


Whether heading out for a beach vacation or an adventurous...

Must-Have Luxe Summer Accessories

By   May 2nd 2016 at 6:00AM IN Style rated

Step out in style with these luxurious companions that are bound to get you the attention you deserve!  View Slideshow »

Deconstructing Clark’s New Trigenic Flex

By   Apr 29th 2016 at 5:12PM IN Style rated

With 190 years of expertise in bespoke handcrafted footwear, UK-based brand Clarks Originals has unveiled a new innovative range of modernised sneakers infusing the elegance of luxurious fabric. While it makes for a great pair for casual attire, it looks equally chic when donned with office wear. Here is a closer look at the IT new shoe for the season.  Continue Reading »

A Sneak Peek at Fendi’s New Eyewear Collection with Music Artist Coeur de Pirate

By   Apr 28th 2016 at 4:29PM IN Style rated

To celebrate the launch of its new eyewear line, Fendi released a new video, in association with French-Canadian singer-songwriter Coeur de Pirate, for its Spring Summer ’16 campaign.  Continue Reading »

Indulging Summer with Citrusy Notes

By   Apr 28th 2016 at 6:00AM IN Style rated

Summer is a season of contrasts; a time when it is all about being vivacious and relaxed at the same time. Be it clothes or accessories, we often pick some of the most vibrant shades to face the sun, then why not apply the zest to fragrances?  View Slideshow »

Christian Dior’s Provençal Dream Comes True

By   Apr 27th 2016 at 4:51PM IN Style rated

The cradle of perfumery, Grasse, and the fascinating region of Provence are closely tied to each other with the threads of the rich history of the French atelier, Dior. It was in 1950 that the fashion legend Christian Dior, cognoscente of flowers, bought the Chteau de la Colle Noire as his holiday home. But the aim backing the purchase of this castle was beyond merely holidaying; it was bought with the hope to bloom flowers around the estate’s 50 hectares that would aid in the brand’s perfume making.  Continue Reading »

Spa Review: A Tranquil Evening at the Iridium Spa in Mumbai’s St Regis

By   Apr 26th 2016 at 3:49PM IN Style rated

Getting a taste of the impeccable hospitality of the prestigious St. Regis chain of hotels, I recently had the chance to experience the magical therapies offered at the chain’s luxurious Iridium Spa at its Mumbai property. From essential fragrant oils to massages that cleanse the body from stress and facials to rejuvenate the skin – here’s a throwback to my evening at the St Regis Iridium Spa in Mumbai.  Continue Reading »

Clarins’ White Plus Pure Translucency Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum

By   Apr 25th 2016 at 5:11PM IN Style rated

It is often misunderstood by skincare brands that women, especially Asian women, desire fair skin. Contrarily, what they actually wish for is flawless skin with a translucent tone. Clarins’ White Plus Pure Translucency Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum is designed to achieve this and more for the urban young women who looks beyond having just fairer skin.  Continue Reading »

Singleton Selection's New Travel Line is Crafted for the Billionaire Globetrotter

By   Apr 25th 2016 at 2:43PM IN Style rated

Celebrating Scottish brand Singleton's rich heritage and craftsmanship is its new line of leather travel accessories for Sinlgeton Selections. Crafted for the jet-setting businessmen and entrepreneurs, this luxe travel gear line is perfect to flaunt on your next vacation!  Continue Reading »

Where to Spend It: Trendy Scarves to Look Drop-Dead Chic this Summer

By   Apr 25th 2016 at 6:00AM IN Style rated

Every changing season brings with it a new fashion trend to obsess over. While summer is all about floral, flowing outfits, the harsh sun does lend you that golden chance to sport a chic scarf. A dull summer look can instantly turn into something chic and trendy within a fraction of seconds, all you need is to throw in this accessory.  View Slideshow »

MAC Unveils the Flamingo Park Collection

By   Apr 22nd 2016 at 5:10PM IN Style rated

While the temperatures are on a rise, so is our obsession to look our best even on bright sunny days. Aiding us on our way to glory is MAC's all-new stunning Flamingo Park Collection, an eclectic mix of pinks and corals, perfect to add glam to your spring/summer look and invite the sun in style.  Continue Reading »

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