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Where to Spend It: On Great Summer Sunblocks

  By   Feb 27th 2013 at 1:31PM Style RATED

Wise words from a wise man: “There is no harmless amount of sun exposure for the skin. Even small daily amounts of UV exposure contribute to photo-aging, alterations in the immune system and skin cancer.”—Dr David Orentreich, Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist.

Let’s be honest, sunblock really is quite a painful add-on to your beauty regime. Heavy, cakey and sometimes so confusing what with all the different SPFs and all; but one look at Kate Moss’ sun damaged skin from a paparazzi shot of her tanning on the beach, and you don’t have to tell us twice to run to the beauty store.

We scanned the counters for what’s new, effective, and light, closely looking out for the SPF that will most suit our schedule. “Choosing sun block is not just about skin type but about your lifestyle. If a majority of your day is spent indoors, a lower SPF—minimum 15—and two applications through day work well. If you are travelling or outdoors for long hours, try something in the range of 30-50, and remember to reapply every two hours.”—Clinique in-house expert Dr Emmanuelle.

Image Courtesy: Guerlain

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