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The Transporter: Tumi's Bulletproof Attache Bag

  By   Nov 26th 2012 at 6:00AM Style RATED


The Transporter: Tumi's Bulletproof Attache Bag

Whether you're transporting important papers, the family jewels or lots of cash (to your Swiss back, perhaps?), security is of big importance. Enter the new Tumi Limited Edition Tegralite Bulletproof Attache.
Yes, Tumi's launched a line of 'highly durable and impact resistant' briefcases that are made from Tegris, an ultra-protective polypropylene thermoplastic composite created by Milliken.  In fact, the material is so strong, it's been classified as bulletproof. So you're more than adequately protected againsts fights and falls. 

The Transporter: Tumi's Bulletproof Attache Bag

Chrome hardwear and leather trimming characterize the external design; the inside is lined with in luxurious soft grey. Security features include a false bottom and a handcuff ring, and there is a silver-plated personalised Tumi Tracer number that can help identify the owner. It's very Transporter, no?

The Tegra Lite Bullet Proof Attache is available at Tumi in India for Rs 4.25 lakh. And if you don't quite require that much security, opt for the regular version (it comes with all other security features) for Rs 1.75 lakh.


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