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Montblanc’s Tribute to Jazz Musician Miles Davis

By Posted Dec 28th 2016

The German manufacturer of accessories Montblanc has unveiled a set of three Great Characters pens as a tribute to American jazz musician, Miles Davis (1926-1991). Davis was a famous trumpeter and composer during the second half of the 20th century.


Montblanc has been designing the ‘Great Characters Limited Edition’ pens since 2009 to honour personalities who have left a lasting impression in their respective fields. The list of personalities includes the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, John F Kennedy, and Andy Warhol.


The Great Characters Miles Davis pens are available in three versions—the Montblanc Great Characters Miles Davis Limited Edition 90, the Great Characters Miles Davis Limited Edition 1926, and the Great Characters Miles Davis Special Edition. The writing instruments are designed to resemble a trumpet with trumpet finger buttons on their clips.


Made using white gold, the cap and barrel of the Miles Davis Limited Edition 90 (as seen in the picture above) have splashes of blue resin on them, (blue was the colour theme of Davis’s famous album Kind of Blue). It boasts of an 18k gold nib engraved with trumpet keys.


Miles davis pen


The Great Characters Miles Davis Limited Edition 1926 is limited to the number of Davis’ birth year. It features a platinum barrel with hints of blue resin. The cap is made using black and white agate stone.


Miles davis pen 2


The third, and last in the set, the Great Characters Miles Davis Special Edition, comes with a black resin cap and barrel. The body of the pen bears visual references to five important movements of jazz music—be-bob, cool jazz, hard bop, modal jazz, and jazz fusion.


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