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Water Toy: Cruise the Seas in the EGO-SE 450 Submarine

  By   Jul 4th 2013 at 12:42PM Cars & Jets RATED


ego submarine



It’s a boat, it’s a submarine, its the EGO semi- submarine! Officially christened EGO-SE 450, the unique innovation encompasses an underwater cabin and an upper deck.

The water vehicle is directly attached to two parallel hulls that float over the water surface – a 4 metre long area perfect for tanning. The submerged half of the vessel has a window on the front and the side, allowing you a majestic view of the underwater world. The joystick provided lets you maneuver it any direction, whilst sitting comfortably in your chair. For safe navigation, the vessel provides for an LCD screen wired to a high-resolution camera on the surface.

Those worried about leaving a carbon footprint needn't worry about damaging their green cred, the submarine works entirely on electricity and does not emit any pollutants. When charged fully, it can sail for about eight hours. Designed for leisure, its speed is limited to 3 knots or 5.5 km/hr. The vessel has been priced at $50,000.

Source: Elite Choice, Ego Submarine

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