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Strike Gold with This Futuristic SuperSport Yacht

By Posted Jul 31st 2014

What will strike you instantly about the SuperSport yacht is its edgy futuristic design. The yacht glistens in gold across the horizon and its formidable 48m length is supported by an 11m wide beam that provides extreme stability to this water baby.


Maker Palmer Johnson pushes the envelope on two distinct counts: using the maximum amount of carbon composite ever to structure the SuperSport, which renders it a light-weight construction; and the inclusion of a wave piercing displacement hull that helps deliver a speedy 32 knots on the speedometer.


Final stats that will interest a buyer would be the MTU 2000 series engines that power the yacht, which FYI is also 50% more fuel efficient than any other in its league!


On Board
For the glamour quotient you have a few million dollars as the price tag (exact price is undisclosed), the stunning gold hull of course, three jet skis on board, and a spacious three-deck layout that can host 12 passengers and nine crew members on the SuperSport SuperYacht.


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