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Apple Might Just Drop Three New iPhones in 2017!

By   ON Dec 26th 2016 at 4:20PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

If rumours are anything to go by, 2017 is bringing with it some path breaking news for Apple loyalists. Buzz is that the American multinational technology company plans to launch three iPhones next year. Heres what weve heard.  ...   Continue Reading »

B&O’s New Noise-Cancelling Headphones is Just What You Need

By   ON Dec 13th 2016 at 8:11PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

A leader in luxury audio accessories, Bang & Olufsen has introduced its over-ear noise-cancelling headphonesthe BeoPlay H9. Delivering B&Os signature high-quality sound, the wireless gadget comes with touch controls on its sides.  ...   Continue Reading »

Designer Micheal Kors Talks about His Tryst with Technology

By   ON Dec 5th 2016 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Gadgets 

In a unique and first-ever collaboration, Michael Kors captures the creative worlds of fashion and photography with the ber-chic Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera. In an exclusive talk with us, the designer reveals more about his latest creative alliance.  ...   Continue Reading »

The Iron Man of iPhone Covers

By   ON Oct 21st 2016 at 10:32PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Singapore-based design company Gray International recently launched metallic iPhone cases handcrafted in titanium and gold. Called the Advent collection, the cases are designed for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and are limited to only 100 pieces worldwide. Currently available for preorders, the covers are priced at $1,000, and will be shipped free of cost to various parts in the world by the end of November. Owners for these smartphone cases will be handpicked through a lucky draw.  ...   Continue Reading »

Aural Pleasure: Bentley Car-Inspired Speakers for Your Home

By   ON Oct 19th 2016 at 10:33AM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Bentley cars exceptional sound system can now be enjoyed in your homes too. UK-based luxury audio equipment manufacturer Naim is offering high-quality wireless speakers in association with the automobile brand.  ...   Continue Reading »

No Strings Attached: The Best Wireless Earphones for Runners

By   ON Sep 27th 2016 at 9:30PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

The marathon training season is here. So we drew up this list of the best earphones to help you train hard to every beat!  ...   Continue Reading »

Wearable Tech: Gadgets to Keep You Ahead

By   ON Sep 26th 2016 at 8:08PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

From the most recent Snapchat Spectacles to the not-so-recent Michael Kors Access, here is a list of the best wearable gadgets for people who like fashion and tech combined.  ...   Continue Reading »

Add a Gilded Touch to Your Apple iPhone 7

By   ON Sep 8th 2016 at 4:04PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Last evening, Apple launched its latest all-black iPhone equipped with two cameras and a pair of wireless headphones. In no time, the product has stirred a lot of keenness amongst fans across the globe and they cant wait to get their hands on this gadget.  ...   Continue Reading »

Vertu Goes Colourful with Aster Chevron

By   ON Aug 1st 2016 at 12:08PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Vertu Aster is one of the finest luxury smartphones to rule to world of the elite. Its unmistakable aesthetics blended with exceptional technology makes it extremely covetable. Now, the brand has introduced a chevron-print version of the phone.  ...   Continue Reading »

Zungle Inc Launches Über Chic Audio Sunglasses

By   ON Jun 16th 2016 at 4:03PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Los Angeles-based tech company Zungle Inc. was started with the aim to create avant-garde wearable technology. And on its way to achieve its goals, the company recently unveiled Project Zungle Panther, concept for a pair of audio shades that will allow users to make phone calls and listen to music without juggling with cords, at the same time look fashionable.  ...   Continue Reading »

Where to Spend It: Über Luxurious Turntables for Audiophiles

By   ON Jun 13th 2016 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Gadgets 

In the age of high-definition live streaming, cassettes, CDs, DVDs and even downloads have become obsolete. But theres one medium thats retained its glory the vinyl players. Listen up, dedicated audiophiles; here's a round up of the best turntables for your man cave.  ...   Continue Reading »

Bowers & Wilkins Upgrade Their T7 Bluetooth Speaker with Burberry

By   ON Jun 8th 2016 at 1:44PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Renowned British brand Bowers & Wilkins recently collaborated with fashion brand Burberry to upgrade their best selling T7 speakers. Calling it the T7 Gold Edition, the speakers now come in handcrafted travel leather covers and make it convenient to carry during vacations.  ...   Continue Reading »

Revolutionise Everyday Beauty Routines with the Sensor Mirror Pro

By   ON May 25th 2016 at 4:21PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Google Recently announced the concept of Smart Homes, and we are eager to know more about this technology. While you wait for it to translate into the elite abodes, SimpleHuman presents a beautiful Smart Mirror for the perfect beauty routine in the morning.  ...   Continue Reading »

Samsung Changes the Future of Surfing with the Galaxy Surfboard

By   ON May 16th 2016 at 4:10PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Communication technology has come a long way from fixed landline to cordless phones, portable cell phones and smartphones. In fact, the future lies in smart watches and glasses, as well as virtual reality. Giving connoisseurs a taste of the potential of technology, Samsung has introduced this ultra-chic smart surfboard.  ...   Continue Reading »

Analogue Launches a 24k Limited Edition NES for Nintendo Fans

By   ON Apr 5th 2016 at 4:05PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Renowned video game maker Analogue recently unveiled a brand limited edition console and NES to mark the 30th anniversary of the gameThe Legend of Zelda. As opposed to a new version or an advanced game console, we love how the team chose to go the luxe way and launch something gilded.  ...   Continue Reading »

BeoPlay A2 Speakers: The Ultimate Companion for a Road Trip

By   ON Mar 17th 2016 at 12:45PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

The right kind of music accessories and speakers combine the high-quality of sound engineering with ultimate aesthetic appeal. And, only one brand comes to the mind in that aspect and that is Bang & Olufsen. Read on as we talk about its latest innvoation the BeoPlay A2.  ...   Continue Reading »

Customise Your Phones in Gold with Legend

By   ON Mar 10th 2016 at 4:58PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Luxury is all about having a tailor-made wardrobe and a bespoke car; and now, even a customised phone. Legend, a brand known for offering customising solutions for a range of products, has taken its service to a whole new level with the customising of iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 models in gold.  ...   Continue Reading »

Finest Speakers to Invest In

By   ON Feb 24th 2016 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Gadgets 

The wise say that music is the sound of life. And to breathe life into music, an impeccable music system is mandatory. Heres a list of luxe speakers to tech up your elite abode.  ...   Continue Reading »

OMA’s Imperia Horn Series Promises to Bring Back the Golden Days of Music

By   ON Feb 9th 2016 at 5:24PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Oswalds Mill Audio is well known for creating gadgets that are inspired by the past but are completely futuristic in their technicalities. One such example of a perfect blend of the past with the future is the brands Imperia Horn speaker series. Take a look.  ...   Continue Reading »

Vertu Unveils a Unique Smartphone System for the Elite

By   ON Feb 4th 2016 at 6:47PM IN Rated   Gadgets 

Vertu smartphones have been defining luxe gadgets for celebrities and CEOs for a while now. To enhance the user experience further, the brand has launched an exclusive Android OS user interface launcher for elite users. Find out all about it.  ...   Continue Reading »

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