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Mont Blanc Paid this Icon a Tribute with this $1.5 Million Pen Collection

Mont Blanc Paid this Icon a Tribute with this $1.5 Million Pen Collection


Mont Blanc has unveiled spell-binding writing instruments...

Could this be the Fanciest Ruler You’ve Seen?

Could this be the Fanciest Ruler You’ve Seen?


When it’s Louis Vuitton, trust them to make sure you...

Reading Therapy: 7 Books Releasing this Month

Reading Therapy: 7 Books Releasing this Month


Nothing can be better than sipping on hot chocolate curled...

This Pen was Created as a Tribute to Ernest Hemingway

This Pen was Created as a Tribute to Ernest Hemingway


Italian pen manufacturer Montegrappa has unveiled a...

Celebrating the Year of the Monkey with Montblanc

By   Feb 19th 2016 at 12:00PM IN Gadgets rated

With the world celebrating the Year of the Monkey with pomp and show, a number of brands are turning their head towards China for inspiration. One such brand is the iconic German writing instruments manufacturer Montblanc with the launch of its Limited Edition Monkey Fountain Pen.  Continue Reading »

Spreading Smiles: The Limited Edition MB&F Sherman Clock

By   Feb 12th 2016 at 2:33PM IN Gadgets rated

SIHH 2016 witnessed some of the most spectacular timepieces of all times, one such masterwork was Sherman, a limited edition robot-inspired watch by Swiss watchmaker MB&F, crafted in collaboration with clock-maker L’Epée, Switzerland’s only specialised high-end clock manufacturer.  Continue Reading »

OMA’s Imperia Horn Series Promises to Bring Back the Golden Days of Music

By   Feb 9th 2016 at 5:24PM IN Gadgets rated

Oswalds Mill Audio is well known for creating gadgets that are inspired by the past but are completely futuristic in their technicalities. One such example of a perfect blend of the past with the future is the brand’s Imperia Horn speaker series. Take a look.  Continue Reading »

Vertu Unveils a Unique Smartphone System for the Elite

By   Feb 4th 2016 at 6:47PM IN Gadgets rated

Vertu smartphones have been defining luxe gadgets for celebrities and CEOs for a while now. To enhance the user experience further, the brand has launched an exclusive Android OS user interface launcher for elite users. Find out all about it.  Continue Reading »

Montegrappa Unveils Salvador Dalí-Inspired Geopoliticus Child Pen

By   Feb 2nd 2016 at 5:12PM IN Gadgets rated

Salvador Dalí has been a muse for Montegrappa for a few years now. To add to their league of exquisite Dalí-inspired writing instruments, the brand has now introduced the Geopoliticus Child Pen.  Continue Reading »

Sevenhugs Launches the Ultimate Smart Remote for Home

By   Jan 19th 2016 at 3:19PM IN Gadgets rated

Universal remotes have been one of the most interesting inventions for this generation. Taking the idea a notch higher is Sevenhugs with Smart Remote. It connects with pretty much anything and everything; yes it does!  Continue Reading »

The Vertu Phone for Bentley Gets a Massive Upgrade

By   Jan 14th 2016 at 4:38PM IN Gadgets rated

Bentley Motors and Vertu have had a long standing association, creating outstanding luxury gadgets inspired by automobiles. This New Year, the Signature Touch phone gets a technological facelift.  Continue Reading »

Gadgets that Amazed at the CES 2016

By   Jan 12th 2016 at 6:00AM IN Gadgets rated

We’ve come a long way from computers as big as a room to smart watches. A tribute to the ever evolving technology, every year, the Consumer Electronics Show brings the world closer with new innovations.  View Slideshow »

ST Dupont Awakens the Force with a Star Wars Pen Collection

By   Jan 7th 2016 at 1:21PM IN Gadgets rated

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has broken many box-office records, uniting fans across the globe for buying their merchandise. Adding to the list of exquisite items, ST Dupont has created a special pen collection dedicated to the movie.  Continue Reading »

Lose the Festive Fat with WaterFlywheel

By   Jan 6th 2016 at 3:28PM IN Gadgets rated

Along with scrumptious feasts, the party season also brings with it a few unwanted kilos. To get back in your svelte frame, WaterRower has unveiled the WaterFlywheel rowing machine. Here’s why it makes for a brilliant New Year investment!   Continue Reading »

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