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Would You Believe Ferrari Guys Have Designed this Electric Bicycle?

By   ON Sep 14th 2016 at 5:40PM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Right from Ferrari to the Alfa Romeos, Pininfarina has built premier coaches for most super cars in the world. And now, the Italian design brand extends its expertise to a range of revolutionary electric bikes.  ...   Continue Reading »

McLaren’s New Mega Car—MSO Carbon Series LT

By   ON Jun 10th 2016 at 1:23PM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Just when you thought that McLaren couldnt max out their automobiles further, the brand surprises us with another mega carthe MSO Carbon Series LT.  ...   Continue Reading »

Bugatti Chiron: The Ideal Super Car for Billionaires

By   ON Mar 2nd 2016 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Before weve even recovered from Bugatti Veyrons speed and efficiency, the brand is out with a new surprisethe Bugatti Chiron.  ...   Continue Reading »

McLaren 570GT: The Sporty Super Car for Everyday Drives

By   ON Feb 26th 2016 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

This years Geneva Motor Show will be a delight for automobile aficionados, especially with the presentation of a fleet of lavish McLaren Automotive cars. The new model to join the league is the swanky McLaren 570GT.  ...   Continue Reading »

Amazing Automobiles: The Finest Cars of 2015

By   ON Jan 1st 2016 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

From glorious auto shows to movie debuts, this year has seen a host of super cars make their way into the market. From limited edition models to bespoke detailing, these luxurious automobiles have appealed equally to petrolheads as well as UHNIs. Before the curtains draw on 2015, we round up six of the finest cars of this year for you. Take a look.  ...   Continue Reading »

The Power Packed Car: McLaren 675LT Spider

By   ON Dec 11th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

With every model, McLaren gives automobile enthusiasts something exhilarating. This year, the second launch from the brand is 675LT Spider. We tell you all about this super car.  ...   Continue Reading »

RM Sotheby’s Most Valuable Car Collection Auction at Monterey

By   ON Jun 11th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Automobile aficionados and collectors from across the globe have a reason to rejoice. The auction for the worlds most valuable car collection is here. RM Sothebys is set to list the finest international cars under the Pinnacle Portfolio at Monterey.  ...   Continue Reading »

Paul Walker’s Supra from the Fast and Furious Series Can be Yours

By   ON Apr 23rd 2015 at 3:06PM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Opinions about Fast and Furious 7 may be varied, but the moving tribute to Paul Walker left everyone in the audience teary eyed. Those who indeed left the theatre with a heavy heart can now own iconic memorabilia from the series; and it definitely has to be Paul Walkers Toyota Supra.  ...   Continue Reading »

The Fiery Red McLaren 540C Unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show 2015

By   ON Apr 21st 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

At the New York Auto Show this year McLaren unveiled the 570S and stunned auto enthusiasts with the sunshine orange shade. Now, at the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show, the brand offers another delight for its fans with the 540C.  ...   Continue Reading »

The Vintage Super Car You’ve Been Waiting for - Ultima Evolution

By   ON Apr 14th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

What happens when a colonial style automobile is merged with a contemporary sports car? It results in an engineering masterpiece called - the Ultima Evolution. A new car from British auto manufactures, Ultima, super car enthusiasts must take note of this exciting new launch.  ...   Continue Reading »

Bond Cars and Jets Showcased at the London Film Museum

By   ON Mar 31st 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

World renowned cinematic British secret agent and fictional character James Bond is known for his swanky gadgets and super cars in his comics and films. Now, 007 fans across the globe can rejoice as the London Film Museum exhibits memorabilia from the movie through Bond in Motion.  ...   Continue Reading »

The Gea Concept: Italdesign Giugiaro’s Latest Self-Driven Innovation

By   ON Mar 12th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Slowly yet surely we are heading towards an autonomous life, more so with the overwhelming number of self-driven cars making it to the forefront this year. One such unique innovation is Italdesign Giugiaros concept car, the Gea, touted to be a study on the cars of the future.  ...   Continue Reading »

Super Cars Women Would Love to Take to the Wheels Of

By   ON Mar 10th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Dedicating this month to the women in luxury, we zeroed in on a few luxurious drives our influential women would love to take the wheels of. Breaking the stereotypes, these cars redefine speed, design and technology, making for the perfect steering wheels for those manicured fingers.  ...   Continue Reading »

Check Out the Aero 8 – A Nouveau Vintage Super Sports Car

By   ON Mar 10th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

The British automobile manufacturer, Morgan Motor Company creates stunning sports vehicles inspired from vintage designs and contemporary technology. The latest in line is the 5th generation Aero 8 that is the finest from the brand when it comes to aesthetics and efficiency.  ...   Continue Reading »

8 Reasons For You To Not Miss the Upcoming Geneva Motor Show 2015

By   ON Mar 2nd 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

The Swiss city of Geneva is gearing up for one of the biggest motor shows of the year, which will feature a fleet of opulent cars. Here we list down eight of the best supercars from the show that are unmissable!  ...   Continue Reading »

Aston Martin Vulcan—the Fire Breathing Mean Machine

By   ON Feb 26th 2015 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

After enticing car enthusiasts for a while with a teaser video, the Vulcan by Aston Martin is finally here with a bang. It is touted as the British luxury car manufacturers most intense and exhilarating car till date.  ...   Continue Reading »

Ford Makes Heads Turn with the All New Supercar - GT

By   ON Jan 19th 2015 at 6:01AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

American automobile manufacturer, Ford is known for its classic, durable cars. And now, the brand is all set to turn heads with the all new GT supercar.  ...   Continue Reading »

Legend Edition: Ettore Bugatti Priced at Over Rs 19 Crore

By   ON Aug 14th 2014 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

The French car maker's sixth and final edition of the 'Les Legendes de Bugatti' series pays tribute to the company's founder, Ettore Bugatti. Watch out for the gorgeous drive!  ...   Continue Reading »

Inside the Bespoke McLaren 650S

By   ON Jul 2nd 2014 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Having premiered at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the limited-to-50 run of the McLaren 650S had everyone's attention on the Supercar Paddock. This bespoke drive is being rolled out in Coupe and Spider body alternates, which have been exclusively outfitted by automotive design director Frank Stephenson from McLaren's Special Operations team. Ready to rev on to the super car?  ...   Continue Reading »

Is the Zagato Lamborghini Better Than the Gallardo?

By   ON Jun 3rd 2014 at 12:27PM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

Commissioned by a collector, the one-off Lamborghini 5-95 by Zagato is all set to blow you away. The Italian supercar just got even better looking  ...   Continue Reading »

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