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Ujwal Salokhe

Ujwal Salokhe

Seated like a Queen on the throne of luxury, her brunches are in Paris and dinners in London. Oh! The perks of Ujwal’s globetrotting life!

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Jewels that Show-Stopped at the Oscars 2017

By   ON Feb 27th 2017 at 6:56PM IN Rated   Jewellery 

Year after year, it’s not just fashion that makes a statement on the prestigious Academy Awards red carpet; even jewellery has its moment in the limelight, and we dare ignore it. From drop earrings to statement neckpieces, and diamonds to coloured gemstones, as always, this year, too, the red carpet was witness to the jewels’ proverbial blinding shine.  ...   Continue Reading »

Cartier Travel With Style Concours D’elegance Returns With its 5th Edition

By   ON Feb 6th 2017 at 6:50PM IN Rated   Cars & Jets 

The fifth edition of the prestigious Cartier Travel With Style Concours D’elegance 2017 (CTWSCD), an exhibit India’s rare automotive heritage, was held yesterday at Hyderabad’s Taj Falaknuma Palace. Hosted by Mr. Guillaume Alix, Regional Managing Director, Cartier Middle East, India & Africa, the exhibit saw a line-up of vintage, best-preserved automobiles curated by Indian automotive historian and expert, Manvendra Singh of Barwani. Here’s a round-up of the best from the day.  ...   Continue Reading »

Getaways that Redefine 2017 #TravelGoals

By   ON Jan 14th 2017 at 6:00AM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Here’s our list of 13 beautiful getaways to help you rediscover India.  ...   Continue Reading »

Talking Notes: Perfumes as Good as a Rose Bouquet

By   ON Jan 8th 2017 at 9:04PM IN Rated   Style 

Maybe its association with an emotion like love is to be blamed, but roses do have something evergreen about them. Whether it’s a bouquet or just the extracts collected in a bottle, the scent of roses cannot seem to go wrong, no matter the season or occasion. With Valentine’s Day a little over a month away, we pick for you some timeless rose infused perfumes you can invest in.  ...   Continue Reading »

These Delish Recipes Give Marshmallows a New Identity

By   ON Jan 7th 2017 at 1:13PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Many have sung songs and strummed guitars while roasting marshmallows over campfires, or indulged in the customary s’mores (a traditional camping sandwich made using fire-roasted marshmallow and a layer of chocolate two pieces of graham cracker). And that’s how most have known marshmallows. This winter, flip that image over and check out these recipes that give this sweet gooey treat a whole new identity!  ...   Continue Reading »

16 Times 2016 Broke the Internet

By   ON Dec 31st 2016 at 6:43PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

This year has been nothing short of a roller-coaster, indeed. It had high bumps, and we’ve braved them all, haven’t we?  ...   Continue Reading »

When Pop Culture Ran Wild in 2016

By   ON Dec 31st 2016 at 4:07PM IN Rated   Lifestyle 

Twenty-Sixteen, in a nutshell, was 366 days of emotions and gossip running far and wild. From new TV series to server crashing games, this year was truly overwhelming.  ...   Continue Reading »

The Brogue Code: Ditch Your Heels, Ladies

By   ON Nov 16th 2016 at 6:59PM IN Rated   Style 

With the party season close on our heels, we urge women to forget their stilettos for brogues, and go dancing like nobody’s watching.  ...   Continue Reading »

Designer Eye Candy: Hottest Men Burning Fashion Down

By   ON Nov 14th 2016 at 7:48PM IN Rated   Style 

They’ve made fashion’s most iconic creations, and have given the world some of its most beautiful women. But now, we urge you to stop, brace yourselves and have a good look at some of the fashion industry’s handsome men, who are quietly, yet surely, burning the backstage down with their drop-dead gorgeous looks.  ...   Continue Reading »

Coolest Silver Screen Cameos of Iconic Watches

By   ON Nov 11th 2016 at 2:27PM IN Rated   Watches 

Thanks to the way movies influence our lives, seeing a personal favourite make it to the silver screen is an absolute delight. Be it James Bonds' Omegas to the Lancet trench watch from the ‘gold watch’ scene in Pulp Fiction that is, till date, remembered for its dark humour and Christopher Walken’s famous monologue, or even Marty McFly's Casio in Back to the Future that made him seem truly real as an 80s teenager; these weren’t empty accessories, they, more oft than not, added to the charisma of the heroes.  ...   Continue Reading »

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